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pervida Health Drinks 
pervida immune line
Packaging and Support Materials

Art Direction & Production

The pervida line of health drinks is a new concept in health related products targeting issues addressing gut-health. The two lines use the power of pomegranate seed oil and cbd (hemp) oil as key ingredients. Zenarts helped pervida develop ads, sell sheets, clingers, shelf talkers, hutch displays, and more. 

pervida CALM line
CALM line - Sell Sheet front
CALM line - Sell Sheet back
CrownArmor - 2 oz. bottle

Art Direction & Production

CrownArmor has developed a new

anti-viral mask spray for both the consumer and medical markets. Zenarts was asked to develop the logo and bottle label designs. In addition, we developed the package designs and other marketing materials including the website.

CrownArmor - packaging
Overload - video game packaging

Art Direction & Production

The creators of the highly successful video game OVERLOAD approached Zenarts Design Studio for a new look to their upcoming packaging - we created the, booklet, 2 DVD jewel cases and labels and an exclusive limited edition box. 

Scenties - promos + packaging

Art Direction & Production

In order to unify all aspects of the SCENTIES product line, Zenarts was tasked with developing all the marketing materials; packaging, social media assets, order forms and trade show banners. 

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